Haus der Fotografie, Hamburg
Archival ink jet prints, puzzle, calendar, drawings, holes, packaging material, tools

My first photographic work began at the age of 17, when I came across pictures that my grandmother Sabine took of her husband and my grandfather Fritz, during their travels. "Vergissmeinnicht“, my bachelor thesis, in which I explored the relationship between love and seeing. Amateur photography as expedient performance, and photographed landscape as ambiance of power were subjects that particularly interested me. The installation "camera's caress" was presented in 2017 at Haus der Photographie in Hamburg, the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf and the Landesmuseum Koblenz as part of gute Aussichten - new german photography. Disguised as an amateur, I let all packaging materials, pencil marks, tools and drilled holes become part of the installation to emphasize the unfinished and immediate state of the archive and my own work.