Selected Works

Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg
ideo Projection, 6 C-Type Prints mounted on wall, print size 17x24c
The Bow with the Greatest Tension
Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, 2021
5 archival ink jets prints attached to the wall by arrows
One arrow floating in space, one photogram of Mats corset attached to the wall by the string of a bow.

Slagman’s installation of new colour photographs focus on his brother a teenager suffering from scoliosis of the spine. In these photographs the subject turns his back to the camera while Slagman records the anatomical distortion with a tender detachment. His images are ’framed’ on the wall
by a simple device a single arrow that penetrate both the photograph and the wall itself.

Elsewhere a single arrow hovers, rotating slowly in space and a photogram, made by exposing light through a plastic medical corset, is strung on the string of a bow. These motifs recalls the childhood sport of archery and the search for unattainable perfection.

- Oliver Chanarin