Selected Works

Mats, Spine I-III
Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, 2020
Video Projection, 6 C-Type Prints mounted on wall, print size 17x24cm

Within the last 10 years a child became a teenager, and a teenager became an adult. skin became a photograph, and light somehow evolved into a face.we are our faces, we are our bodies. but still we are light on a surface.when you press the shutter, the viewfinder blacks out in the moment while you are taking the picture. the photographic image cuts itself through time on every level. its surgery. like a doctor sealing a wound, with careful stitches. like me, sealing light onto film. i have been photographing my brother for the last ten years, watching him grow up, and seeing myself growing up, while framing. like an arrow that never reaches its target. carefully bending around its moment, like flesh that becomes light, and wounds that are made of time.

In this Installation my aim was to work with the rectangular basis of the photograph, letting it collide brutally with the space it is being shown in. The photographs show my brother suffering from scoliosis - While he was suffering from the tension of the corset, I wanted to show, how these photographs could be seen as surgeries, in the moment of their appearance. I decided to show projected images in a small corridor, which let the photographs spread over the walls left and right from the projection field.

The archers paradox is an installation that presents a looped video of an arrow, shot by a bow. The arrow starts to wind around the bow, until the point where the arrow almost breaks. It lingers around the bow in a spinal contraction. Next to this video I was presenting a looped video of my brother, straightening up, presenting his scars from scoliosis surgery. His back was taped over and covered by photographs showing my brothers playing in the garden. These motifs recalls the childhood sport of archery and the search for unattainable perfection.