Wednesday, 2nd of August, 2023
„Ein gutes Schwimmen, ein gutes Stück schwimmen, ein ordentliches Stück Wasser, Kraulen und Tauchen, Sich-auf-den-Rücken-drehen, den Himmel abtasten und dann weiterkraulen, eine gute, lange Schwimmerei durch See und Himmel, Wasser und Luft." - aus „Sterben im Sommer“ - Zsuzsa Bánk

Tuesday, 1st of August, 2023

Monday, 31st of July, 2023When my grandparents died last year, they left behind 80.000 large format slides. Me and my parents had to come up with a strategy to move all these slides, which were carefully sealed in boxes. While we were transporting them, and moving box by box into a big truck, I had to think about the photographic material itself, as a placeholder, or even a proxy. All these large format cassettes, filled with slide film, had been traveling with my granddad through the hills, over mountains, along rivers, over fields, in suitcases and car trunks. The material has actually been seeing the exact standpoint of the camera. The light fell through the lens, onto the film. Light sculptures, fixed by chemicals. A captured very tiny two dimensional proof, that they existed in the world around me. All places, all these pictures, that will take years for me to look through, just to see light again. Im moving all those places, skies and hills, within one day, into a different basement, in my house.

Where it will rest,
until someone moves the archive again.

An archive only exists, when its moved.
As in using it, looking through it. Horizontally, vertically, from the top to the bottom.

Saturday, 22nd of July, 2023, Vinga (Gothenburg)

Friday, 12th of May, 2023